Thursday, August 8, 2013

how to make washi tape

what you need to start
masking tape
ink pad
used roll of foil, or paper towels, or something
stamps (or if you are like us and have packed all of your stamps then use whatever you have around)
wax paper
serrated knife
**you can find masking tape and ink pads at your local dollar store**
1. Start by making little rolls for your completed tape to go on. I did this by cutting a roll of foil (nice and small) into little rolls the width of my masking tape.
2. Get all your remaining supplies together.


 3. Lay out a few strips of masking tape across your wax paper just a few inches apart from one another.

4. Let your creative juices flow and stamp away. ( a pencil eraser makes adorable dots)


5. Once your stamps are dry to the touch roll them up on the tape holders you made at the beginning.
6. Find a spot to store all of your little tape rolls.  I like storing them in the empty foil box, but keep them wherever you choose.
7. Now the fun part, decorate a card, a gift, or your to-do list with your fun new and homemade "washi tape" .
Let me know if you give this a try or where you purchase your favorite Washi Tape

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