Friday, August 16, 2013


I have spent a good time thinking about insecurities. It seems more often than not our insecurities drive our actions and choices. Insecurities almost always are trying to be masked so that people never really know what weaknesses we have. I assume we all have them on some level don't we? In a perfect world I would invite each of you over for a yummy drink and treat and we would talk about those pesky insecurities.

 In my world if there is something putting up a barrier for me I want to talk about it until that barrier can come down. Of course it rarely is as easy as that-but conversing about such things often removes the power they seem to hold.  I would value hearing about the things that make a person feel small or unimportant. It would give me great insight to hear why people get sick to their stomachs in some situations. I wonder about these sides we all have because to me they tell much about the individual. When I stop and really think about what I am insecure about it is more like digging a big hole. The actual insecurity is rarely the top soil itself but something far underneath it. I doubt many of you reading this are thinking,  "Please please invite me over and ask me what my insecurities are!!" So, rather than asking what yours are I will simply ask in general-what are the top three insecurities you find among most people? 

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