Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Le Pen

Since we are in the midst of a move so much of "me" is packed away. I have majorly been craving creating something.....anything really. I probably have 20 lists of all the handmade things I want to create laying around my house. Somehow writing them down feels like a promise to myself that I will do them. I had to purchase a new sketchbook recently because I thought I would lose the little bit of sanity I had left without one to doodle in.
Anyway, a positive from this in-between period is that I have stumbled upon the writing tool known as Le Pen. My friend Kristen randomly mentioned how great they were for journaling. I already get all sweaty-palmed excited about pens and other writing utensils so I stored away the name Le Pen in my mind. Two days ago I went school shopping (INSANITY!! How do I have a child in school?!) and saw a pack of Le Pens. Purchased. Used. Obsessed.
What other art supplies have I been missing out on?

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