Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Playing in the Snow

Being in the snow brings out the child in makes me giddy and silly and so so so happy! I declared to my husband Nate that I could never live anywhere warm year round. (this statement was made while I was deliriously prancing about in our backyard) I seriously would go into depression......I would much rather live somewhere cold year round than warm...I know I am weird.

We had the most delicious fire last night.....and enjoyed giving one another neck massages (why are necks always so dang tight??) before we near passed out in bed. It was a delight. But of course, any good fire needs good firewood-so here are a few pictures of me and sweet Isabelle gathering wood. (Don't mind my amazing is my pajamas:) I had better things to do that day than get dressed....right?!)

What is your favorite thing to do while it snows?? Or what do you do if you don't get snow where you live??


Karen said...

annie loves the snow pictures. she keeps asking to see them. maybe we'll just have to come some year to Ill in the winter so she can enjoy the wintery snow.

abby said... I wish she was here to play in it with Isabelle!! don't you love isabelle's hat:) do you recognize it? love you