Monday, December 21, 2009

Homemade Marshmallows!! Delicious!!

We decided to make marshmallows yesterday. I have done this feat before, but never with two kiddos we set out to begin the exciting was delightful. Isabelle entertained herself cleaning items in the sink, while Judah happily sat gnawing on his fingers and his little Sophie giraffe. The marshmallows were a glorious mess-and today turned into a glorious treat!! There is nothing in the whole wide world like homemade marshmallows! Truly if you have even an inkling to try them DO IT! They make coffee and hot chocolate beyond amazing-and they are the perfect little packaged gift to give away.

I got the recipe here:

Are you salivating yet?? Seriously this could be included in the images at the start of Willy Wonka!!! Something so pretty about shiny white goodness!!

Slicing out one little marshmallow for a treat-tell me this does not look like a winter wonderland itself:)
Paired with my morning espresso......unreal!
Enjoy....and PLEASE let me know if you make them!

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Princess Caitlin said...


I tried to make marshmallows once.
We don't have a stand mixer.
I used a whisk.

I don't even know why I tried.
They turned out sort of flat and gooey... But delicious! You've inspired me to borrow my friend's mixer and try again.

Merry Christmas!