Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas How I love Thee

I adore Christmas time and all the wonderful blessings it brings. How appropriate that the time of year we celebrate Christ's birth (the most amazing thing for our lives good-salvation) is filled with joy and happiness!! I plan on (cross your fingers) posting some fun blogs related to Christmas-so this is just a toe in the water of what I hope to do-but here is a sneak peek of something I am making for my two little kids. I am not an expert embroiderer....not even close. But I love the "handmade" look of it-and what it will forever say to my beloved children.


Sarah C said...
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Sarah C said...

i think yours is adorable! i've been attempting embroidery more often lately. i'm just not patient enough to really work it, but i love the heartfelt, handmade way it looks!