Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Hobby Alert

So my sister Emily invited us girls to this amazing little spot called "Esther's Place". We learned felting there-what is felting you may ask. Come let me show you:)

You start with this.....and then after a bit you get..........


We made adorable nativity scenes while there-I made the Joseph, baby Jesus, and lamb-and then did a few alterations to Mary. Aren't they so fun!? Amazing that just poking raw dyed wool with a little needle makes these fun characters-crazy! I love it!

I had to buy a bit of wool for my own projects that I was inspired to make. You can see one of them-a sweet little birdy.

I am trying to brainstorm cute little things I can make for Christmas-any ideas?? Merry, merry to you!!

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Rebekah Wallace said...

I love these Abby! What about mini Christmas trees with stars on top? Or mini mitten and hat sets?