Monday, November 9, 2009

What Have I Been Doing Lately

I have been happily sitting at my little desk-here is just a corner of it. A rack for my sketchbook and other items to inspire me. (anthro magazines, martha stewart magazines, my bible study) a coffee cup that I drink my coffee out of every morning. It is ugly...I know-but my mom drank out of it when I was little and I have such a treasured memory of it (and so want to be a mother like her) that I love sipping from it. My planner and address pens for sweet lamp that offers the perfect light when it starts to get dark out. The cards below are some of my brainstorming for an upcoming sale my sister and I are going to have for Christmas.
A raw view of my sketchbook....clearly I cannot stop thinking about Nate...(my husband) even when I am trying to be creative. I love him so much!
Another view of a brainstorming page from the book....Isabelle helped add some color to it-I love it more this way.

This last one was a drawing I did for my little Isabelle....I hope it comes to be a treasure to her someday when she is older. I love drawing for people...there is a different connection to a project when you are doing it for someone you love.
An older drawing I did last year-that I love for some strange reason. Odd, odd, odd-it suits me.
My favorite little art partner helping me out.

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