Sunday, November 1, 2009

happy thoughts

(isabelle and me on the train at sonny acres)
There are many, many things that make me happy. But whenever I think of any of the things shown here-I have a happy thought indeed! Hope they make your day a bit brighter too.

( judah my little teddy bear)

(isabelle, my little zebra-who LOVES candy)

(a hubby who would find the idea of being the American Gothic for Halloween as entertaining as I do)
(isabelle wearing the sweater and leg warmers her talented aunt (my sister) emily made her)
(the goofy faces she makes and humor she shows at such a young age)

(my little music maker....she always is playing something...harmonica, drum, triangle, maracas, get the idea)

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Blomgren2 said...

Abby - You are gorgeous! And your kids are amazing :)