Saturday, November 21, 2009

Handmade Holiday Sale Coming!!!

Tuesday, December 1st is the new black Friday!!!

So one night I thought to myself....I love selling my things on why not give it a go in real life? I mean, who says we cannot dream big right? Well a few conversations later it is here and it is happening! I talked my sweet big sister Emily into doing the sale with me and she is now hosting it at her own beautiful home in Naperville, Illinois. We will be selling the stuff we are busily making (emily is extremely creative and talented!!) and about 15 more lovely people's goods as well. Now-if you want to come to a house full of one of a kind, beautiful, handmade items rather than stressing out under florescent lights in a panicked line of shoppers, then this is the sale for you!! Leave comments below if you want to know more. Also, check out the below link on facebook to see some of the other vendors involved and some of their work as well! Enjoy all and get plotting for Thanksgiving!! I know I am.

Facebook link:
don't forget to stop and smell the roses today:)

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