Monday, November 16, 2009

Currently I am Happy Because.....

I have pretty napkins in my kitchen (one of the cutie things my sister Emily gave me)

Isabelle and Judah-yes Isabelle is wearing a strange hat and reading to Judah from my day planner:) which she refers to as a Bible, since all the other books that look like that are Bibles

Starbucks now has Gingerbread Lattes (and we got amazing starbucks gift cards for our birthday!!)
Nate made our first fire-and it was soooo wonderful! I adore, adore, adore fires.
I got to hang out with the women I love the most in the world!! (my sister ruth, emily, sister-in-law karen, me and my mom) blessed am I indeed!

What is currently making you happy?


Rebekah Wallace said...

the list is long today. taking my dog for a walk and hearing the leaves crunch. an unexpected night at home. lunch with a friend who is so REAL that you feel free to be 100% you. a clean dishwasher and laundry basket- booyah. an upcoming weekend with a free Saturday. the beautiful orchid on my counter, a gift from friends at work. crafts. yes, crafts.
Your fire looks wonderful and would have made me happy too :)

Karen said...

reading your blog
a quiet house to get things done in while my fam sleeps
singing hymns by the fire tonight
christmas in the air

Blomgren2 said...

Hmmm... I just finished a Caramel Brule Latte and was delish, my swaddled content baby girl in my lap :), my already lit Christmas tree and the 13 day countdown to David's return!!!!!!!

abby said...

ahhhhh....13 days... that makes me happy!! as does your swaddled babe!