Monday, July 7, 2008

Vacation Causes Depression

I went on vacation starting on Saturday and going until Thursday the 3rd of July. It was AMAZING.....and therefore....I am in depression. Being able to be on a rockin vacation-where everything is as close to ideal as it could be-does not make abby a happy girl when Nate's first day back at work arrives:( So what does she do? She drowns her sorrows by writing in her blog.

Let me just give you a brief understanding of this vacation. This information will shed great light on my family's beautiful impulsive/random nature. As of Thursday no one in my entire family except my parents were going on vacation. Then, as of Friday night these are the people who are going....which yes is my ENTIRE family! (doug, emily, lily, evenlyn, simeon, charlotte, ruth, james, karen, ann, nate, me, isabelle, mom, dad) My parents somehow worked their magic and booked a Lakeside cottage for the O'Donnell's clan, a golf side cottage for James, Karen, Ruth, Nate and me and they stayed in their hotel room at the Inn at Bay Harbor.
I failed at taking pictures (on my own camera...I did shoot a few on my mom's) so I have nothing to show for it...hence me including a link to the location. It is amazing....though I knew this already since my parent's own one of the rooms, which means we can stay in the room for quite cheap (something Nate and I have done only twice...but SOOO worth it!)

So our lovely family spent our time up at the Inn...playing games, looking for petoskis with my dad, swimming in the pool, eating (big time:)) playing volleyball, drinking coffee, playing cards, and just really enjoying one another A LOT! I love my family!! Seriously it was an ideal vacation. So ideal that now I am in depression. What can you do?

While I was up there I went antiquing and found some more really great stuff...I also went to the Kane County Flea Market on Saturday and another antique place on Sunday. Needless to say, I have some really wonderful finds and I am trying to place them all in the house-or sell them on etsy. I will try to get some pictures from my mom of pictures...but until then I will just post a few of my darling daughter wearing some of my vintage finds:)

little dresses and one sweet hat on my little Belle

High Point:
I have more color on my face from being out in the sun so much...alright not color just freckles...but regardless it does make it easier to look at oneself without makeup on! This morning was a pleasant surprise.
Low Point: Nate having to go to work today....I love having him with me.


Anonymous said...

I totally know what you mean. Jeremy called me from work today to say how hard it is to go back to work after having several days off in a row! So hard to get back into things again and also it just reminds us that we wish we were on vacation all the time. I love the little dresses you found - so cute!

Bekah Wallace said...

abby- we just returned from being VERY close to you guys for the long weekend!! We were in the Turtle Creek hotel (part of the Grand Traverse). sounds like a wonderful time had by all, and yes, I have been home all of an hour and have resorted to blogging for entertainment as well.

Catie said...

I hear you, dear. Let's do a phone date soon. Let me know!