Thursday, July 17, 2008

Poker, Pastries, Patterns

I have just discovered that I really like to play poker. Now, for all of you out there already judging me for this let me just say that we do not play for money....just those fun red, blue and white chips. When I say we I mean my mom, dad, nate, brother james, sister in law karen. We have quite the blast. I always lose though-I air on the side of thinking people are bluffing and I go all out...only to discover they have a big hand and I lose all the chips I have been so boldly betting. Oh still is fun. I played last night with that group until 11:15....we get going.

I also love pastries...though this is NOT a new discovery. I had homemade (by my lovely mother) scones with fresh whip cream and black raspberry jam. I should have taken a was scrumptious. Then today I just got back from having a lovely raspberry scone at Starbucks with Isabelle and my mom. Isabelle enjoyed a plain glazed donut. I love pastries....but really I think if I had to choose I would go for the eggs, bacon, hash brown meal in the morning...rather than the other. There is something feminine about having a pastry though-not sure what it is. I mean what makes that more feminine and meat and eggs more masculine? Something to think on. I love coffee but have been branching out into tea lately. Between having this really fun tea shop by me, called Serene Teaz, and finding this great tea place on called Tea Noir...I am having a blast trying new teas! If anyone is ever reading this and would like for me to pick up an order for them at Serene Teaz I would LOVE to...just say how much you want to spend and what tea you would like. Their little bags (which make quite a few pots of tea) are around five dollars. I could suggest some things for you and mail them out. Just think of me as your Tea Connoisseur. :)

I bought a book the other day at Tuesday Morning...all about needlepoint. Now it may sound dorky and do not picture me bent over a picture of a flower with the words...blooming stitched rather I am learning to stitch cute things that I draw and then can transfer to a pillow or bag or something else I am making. Does anyone have a good pattern for pillows? I keep making them and I can never get it cute on the portion where I leave it unsewn so I can add the does one get a nice closed edge?? I am open to insight my sewer friends!

I have also been in a drawing mode lately-I love to draw. I wish I loved to do laundry as much because we are going to Nate's parent's house on Saturday and I have so much laundry to do. I will press on though-it just is not as much fun as drawing.

I am trying to think of cute baby gifts...any cute, unique suggestions anyone has? I know I am asking a lot this blog....but come all have proven yourselves to be very creative!! Keep the art projects coming and keep showing me! I love to see the creativity we all are blessed with (yes ALL are blessed with)
Have a great day and if you can squeeze in some poker, pastries and patterns:)
High Point: My mom being cute and swinging by to take Isabelle and me to Starbucks this early morning. Always lovely.
Low Point: How I looked at shower...greasy snot on my shirt...I guess this really was not a low point for me (since this is close to every day) but the day has not had too many lows yet...I mean it is only 9:37am!


Princess Caitlin said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog!

I've enjoyed reading yours. **adds Abby to blog list**


Anonymous said...

So many fun things going on for you! Pastries - yumm! But I must agree that I tend to like a more hearty breakfast. As for the pillow...I'm sure there are some great tutorials out there on the internet. Amy Butler has a free pillow pattern on her website and you might just be able to look at it and see what technique she uses to finish off her pillow edges.

As far as baby gifts. I recently wrote about this on my blog because so many people I know are pregnant! Here's where you can read about one the books I've been thinking about getting

Also I noticed at Barnes and Noble the other day that had two books by Joelle Hoverson called Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts and I can't remember the name of the other one but it was sewn gifts and she also has one for knitted gifts. The book is great because it breaks the projects down to how many hours it takes to make them - like a 2 hour project vs an 8 hour project...

Ok, that was a ridiculously long comment...I should have just said got to a bookstore and check out the craft section, but that's just not as fun...maybe you should get some tea and pastries while browsing books! (by the way I love tea too, I drink it every day when I'm at work!)

Anonymous said...

my parents also love serene teaz. it sounds wonderful. i would love to have that at my fingertips!

as far as pillow designs, i second the suggestion to check out amy butler. her fabrics and designs are so cute!

Catie said...

Hey! I called you today and left a message requesting a blog about fun games to play on vacation. I know your family makes up the most creative fun games and I could use a few tips! Please please write on your top five favorite game you guys play!


Anonymous said...

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