Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Coffee Date

This morning I woke up sad because I had no one to go to breakfast with me. I have been spoiled, I must confess, with going out to breakfast with either my mom or Nate this week. However, today no one was going out with me. Well, that is when it hit me-I have a car, I am a free woman....I can go out to breakfast with my little daughter!! (it is still weird for me to write that I have a daughter...who knows...maybe because I still do not consider myself a full blown adult) anyhow-I packed Isabelle up and we drove (after much consideration) to Caribou.

Now I know my Starbuck loving friends are dying right now...which is valid since I too am a Starbucks loving friend!! This is my summary on the two. Starbucks-amazing favorite is a grande, nonfat, extra hot, caramel macchiato. Caribou-dessert drinks...everything is soooo sweet!! BUT they do have "free" refills when you get just their drip brew...unlike I chose it for that reason alone!! (Starbucks has better scones!)

So Isabelle and I go to the downtown wheaton one (you know where it is if you are from there) and of course there is NO parking near by so we park a bit away and walk. I loved walking with her...I love that I can talk to her and no one thinks I am a weirdo they just think I am a good mom. Well, in reality they all probably think I am a good nanny since I swear people comment all the time to my husband and me that we do not look a day over 16. But yes, in fact I am 25! Anyhow. We waltz into Caribou, which was a sea of business men typing away and looking so serious about their jobs. Well...I was being serious about my job-I was seriously enjoying my little girl. We ordered a tall black coffee (oops, small...told you I am a starbucks die hard) and a blackberry and white chocolate chunk scone for me and a slice of banana loaf for Isabelle. We then got comfortable and ate, talked and started at people. Isabelle is the people queen. I LOVE watching her watch people. She is as in to it as I am. And it just makes me happy. So after two refills we went back home just in time for my mom and sister emily to come over with all the kiddos.

We all sat around and chatted...being distracted by all the little ones...but loving every one of them. I love kids with personality..and I love good the room was full of both:)

Then I tried to do some artistic things in the basement-but Isabelle decided she either wanted to be held or wanted to cry. So I held her. I didn't mind...she is my little love. Nate is my big love, Isabelle my little love. Nate got home and we did a pizza date with mom and dad at Caliendos (props to Bear's rehearsal dinner) and then went to their house until around 10:30. We talked about leadership-it was interesting and enlightening. I love my family.

Tonight when we got home we set up or new video camera and I realized something. I am a kid in a candy store when I have a video camera. I do not know why but something about seeing myself on screen is so fascinating...maybe it is that actress side in me emerging. Who knows. Anyhow I am sure we will have many fun nights with that...we already have planned to make dorky music videos and do commericals (funny of course) to our hearts content. (If you do not really know me in person I am sound like a total loser by that description...but I assure you I am not a total loser:))

I have cute pictures from the 4th of July and vacation...but they are all on my parent's camera and I do not have it. picture I want to burn!!! I am holding Isabelle on my shoulders and I look like Mama Cass (if you do not know who she look below for web address to discover beauty indeed!! pretty in pink I always say:)) was depressing and I just shook it off as a bad angle...but that picture may not be posted on this site.

Anyway, sometime I should have a cute little set of pictures from the 4th of the family....but until then picture my cutie husband, cutie daughter, and me. In red, white and blue.
High Point: Staring at my daughter at Caribou and thinking to myself...she is all mine!! I love being her mom!!
Low Point: Probably that picture...the fatso white girl one of myself...those can cause low points for any fact maybe I should dedicate a whole post to having ugly pictures people send me posted. I would love that idea!! If you have an ugly unflattering picture of yourself...send it to and I will post it on the blog....IF it really is bad. Do not even try to send me a cute one and say "Oh I think I look horrid!!!" Do not even try!


Anonymous said...

your days always sound so lovely...

Catie said...

I want to know what your discussion on leadership was about...