Friday, July 18, 2008

Games to Play

Alright miss cates...this blog is for you. My dear friend Catie asked that I offer her some fun vacation games-since really if you knew my family you would know we rock the house with games. I was not too sure if you wanted something like...a real board game type thing...or something the Seward/Clark clan has made up. So I went with the Seward/Clark clan made up:)

This game you must have a digital camera and people that are willing to make themselves look really unattractive (my guess is that little miss laura may have a hard time with this one;)) Then everyone sits in a circle...except the photographer. The photographer tells everyone to close their eyes and then goes to the first person and some "emotion/facial expression" is said (everyone takes a turn picking this emotion) and the first person opens their eyes...makes their best face and snap the photo is taken. This is done for everyone in the room. Then everyone can open their eyes, the camera is passed around and everyone picks their top two. Do this as long as you want....let it be known I peed my pants while playing this game-we had amazing players! Suggested emotions or facial expressions (constipated, extremely large, flirty, space cadet, nervous...etc.) I have included at the below a few pictures from one of our games:)

Everyone writes down on three slips of accent, a prop (found in the room) and a scenario. The papers are all put into three separate piles and everyone goes through and draws one paper from each pile....only right before their turn. Once their turn starts they must make it up as they go with the goal to completely entertain!
(when I went mine was a Pirate accent, a golf ball, and the scenario was selling something to someone in Windsor Manor-a retirement home) It was a blast!

Family Olympics:
Every member of the family comes up with some Olympic it is far more amusing when it is NOT something truly athletic....rather strange skill. So lets say it is holding a spoon on your nose, or doing the worm the longest, or creating a unique break dancing move...anything. Then everyone competes to see who has the gold medal talent in that particular area. (to be honest when we played we did...sit ups, push ups, sit and reach and card squats...these were amusing however because everyone doing things this athletic brings out the humor in everyone:))

The Radio Game:
This is the best for car rides. The first person going makes some statement about what the next song is going to next song will be what Joe and Catie think when they find out they are pregnant. Then you flip the radio to some random must be playing music and you must wait for the chorus. After a few moments of listening it is the next person's turn. It may sound lame...but believe me it is very very very entertaining! Perfect for car rides and creative people!

Well those are the main picks for now...hope that helps. And any readers if you all have great family games please share them...I would LOVE to find new ones:)


Princess Caitlin said...

Your family sounds awesome!
I'm going to have to try some of those... or all of them. :D

Catie said...

This is #786 why I LOVE YOU! Thanks Abs!