Monday, July 16, 2012

run run run


When I write that word my guess is that you have a reaction to it. The reaction is probably along the lines of one of these.
1. I love running and do it almost daily. I am good at it.
2. I run, though I don't love it but I do it to stay healthy and fit.
3. I don't run. I can't.

I find it funny that running draws such emotional responses from people. Few people react as strongly about running as say biking. People have an opinion on running.

My history with running is as such. From the time I was young up through high school I dreaded...dreaded...dreaded the mile run in gym class. Not because I was so slow-rather because the thought of doing it hung over my head like a million pound weight. I would get nervous (as I do before EVER SINGLE TIME I RUN) about running. Would I do well? Would I be able to breathe? Would I be faster than other people that I thought were "fast"? The only time I would run was during gym class or doing conditioning for a sport (soccer and volleyball). Other than that I did not run in my spare time.

I remember going to a cross country meet and watching the people as they finished. They all looked drained, desperate, some crying, some throwing up, none with smiles. I like sports that let you smile at the end of short I did not understand "runners".

Fast forward to college. I started running when I was there. I think the main reason was because when you live in a room, on a floor, in a building that is full of over 200 girls you sometimes need to get out for a breather. And by breather I mean a good pounding of the pavement! I never knew how far I would run, or how fast I would run and never ran on a treadmill until maybe my junior year of college. It was, however, in college that my sister talked me into running my first half-marathon with her.

I loved it.

There truly is something magical about races. Something that shouts so loudly to me of my spiritiual walk. It is a sliver of time that is so laced with life applications it is wild. I almost always cry at some point (sometimes many points) within the race. Life just gets me in those moments. I am a good pupil when I am running. The Lord has spoken to me about many things when I run and has blessed me too. I love that part of running.

I have run three half-marathons...never a full one. I think the main reason I have never run a full is because of the time commitment and the disciple that training for it requires. I have many things in life that I like to give my time to...and though running can be one of those, it is hard to have a season where running is the main or the only thing that gets your attention. I also like to do well in things. And I do not know if I would do well in a full marathon. Maybe someday I will know.
My second half...which I did three months after having Judah...I did it for him.

My third half...and my sweet little Belle. She and Nate were my faithful cheerleaders along the way.

For now I am running my fourth half marathon. I am training with a partner, which I had sworn I would never ever ever ever do. But I LOVE it!! (Why did I not believe people when they said running with someone is awesome?) People make doing anything worth it in my book. Especially if I really enjoy the person.

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Aimee said...

So enjoyed this post. :) I just ran the Rock n Roll Half - 5 months after Baby... Can't believe you ran one 3 months after. That is CRAZY - in a good way, of course,

Also - I definitely agree that running with others is the best. I've never run a race by myself! I'm not sure I would make it to the finis line!