Tuesday, July 24, 2012

I got framed...

It all started when I was eyeing my friend Pinky's glasses at small group...they were adorable. Thick, black, hip, such a statement piece. I felt like whatever she chose to put on outfit wise with those glasses-she would rock it due to the specs! I wanted a pair of my own.

That night, dejected, I took out my own glasses. They were lame....so five years ago (or 8 years to be specific) The perscription was not even up to date, but I figured who really cared since I wore them so rarely. Then the idea struck me......why not get my own pair to rock!??

Money, that was why, money.

Why do eyeglasses have to cost a fortune? Why why why why why??!! Money was dashing my dreams of being a fun persona in my thick dark frames. Darn you money.

Then I pulled a fast one on my wallet and found it....Glassesusa.com. Not only could I purchase a pair of prescription glasses I was super excited about, I could do it without having to spend my life's savings; as well as not having a sales associate breathing down my neck while she points out why the frames I love don't really suit my face...has this ever happened to anyone else?  (a great little feature on their website is one of those mirror things where you can "try on" the frames virtually...no it is not exactly like real life, yes it will give you a better idea if you want to buy glasses in that style)

Anyhow...here are the ones I chose.
love them
side view
I would give it two thumbs up...but the other thumb was holding the camera

My new glasses came within a week of me placing my order.....loved that!! They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee with their glasses, I loved that too because who wants to get stuck with something that just does not work for them. And, even if you do not technically "need" glasses-but kinda want them as a fashion accessory then you can purchase them with clear lenses. I won't tell.

And don't worry...I can still make all my normal faces with them on...I tried.

Oh...and just so you love me even more...you can go here (www.glassesusa.com/coupons-and-promotions/) and get some good discounts!! Let me know if you decide to rock a pair.


Rachel Jones said...

love them - great choice!!

Sweet Mama K said...

agree! Very cute!

Angela said...

You look amazing. Love those! And the new highlights look fab too.

Mandy said...

ok, your glasses are SUPER cute and look great on you! Also, thanks for posting where you got them! I have been wanting new frames since all i wear are glasses now and that site is great!!

the cuthberts said...

love 'em. and you got me to their website--so you should probably get another discount

abby said...

I still don't know how to write comments back to each individual...hence this format...but thanks guys...I LOVE them too!!

Hena Tayeb said...

ha! great pictures