Thursday, July 26, 2012

I dream in nail polish colors

I adore nail polish. I paint my nails, on average, three times a week. For me painting my nails is theraputic. I love to sit and give my hands "a new outfit" if you will. If I could purchase a new nail polish every single day I would. I love to just browse the nail polish section at Ulta, or CVS, or Walgreens. I love nail polish.

I am always on the lookout for nail colors I like on other people. I often notice that nail polish alone can make an entire outfit have that extra edge to it. I like that nail polish can be a little edgy without being offensive (hopefully) to most people.

I totally am a moody nail polish wearer. Whatever mood I am in will dictate the color I want to have on my nails. Lately I have totally been into nudes-that crisp clean look. Nothing dark, just a light colored nail that is a refreshing little snippit in the hot weather we have been having...and having...and having. I thought every now and then I would pop a picture up here of the nail polish I am currently enjoying. I should warn you, I always paint my own nails. I truly cannot remember the last time I had a manicure done, but I really think it was when my dear friend was getting married over three years ago! The reason I say this is because I don't want to hear judgment on the job done...just judgment on the nail color please. Anyhow without further "warnings"'s color is...

Essie's We Can Do It Pink

Although I never have had thin fingers-they do look abnormally full here...just remember what I said about the heat and blame it on that!! As for the bulging veins-those are always there....adds character I say...character!

What are your favorites to wear?? Please please please share!!!


Jelisaveta Đukanović said...

Beautiful! :)

the cuthberts said...

obviously, I'm into neons these days...:)

Clara Turbay said...

love it1

Anonymous said...

LOVE ESSIE! China Glaze rocks too, have you tried that kind?