Thursday, August 7, 2014

Inside the sketchbook

   If you have a sketchbook or any place you doodle, sketch, or work on lettering then I want to see it. Seeing how other people fill pages when there is no agenda or end goal gives me endless inspiration and happiness. Even when work is incomplete I find it fascinating to see how each person's brain explores ideas. I often pour over pinterest, instagram and google images with the search word sketches or doodles. I especially do this when my own creative juices are running a bit dry. I have not been sketching much as of late-but have indeed been working out my creative addiction in other areas. I did want to share a glimpse into my sketchbook as of late. To be honest, I dislike the pages (minus a tiny image here or there) I have done recently....but if someone said that to me I would still plead with them to see inside. So here you are. And PLEASE PLEASE PRETTY PLEASE if you sketch or doodle AT ALL share it with me!! You can either link to a blog post you do, or email me directly....I would so love it! I mean it.

I think one of the tiny images on this page I literally copied from someone's sketchbook, so if it was you..I am not trying to pretend I came up with just is how I force myself to try new styles.

I love banners, but have a hard time creating them. I was trying my best here.

no, she has no I said...I was not planning on sharing this
PS: if you have children please get them sketchbooks...even if they are not at all artistically inclined at this point in their lives.

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Anonymous said...

Ah!! Love this and would love to share mine with you...sadly all I have are "old sketchbooks" that I haven't touched in probably two years. Most of my "sketching" now has to do more with writing.