Thursday, August 14, 2014

If you have to use it at least doll up the holder

I am a firm believer in storing every day items in beautiful vessels, or at least containers you enjoy viewing on an hourly basis. Why ever not? You use it daily and the simple act of thinking through what will hold it offers you countless avenues of adding beauty to your life.  I have a long way to go implementing this philosophy (some day I might tackle my pantry) but don't even realize how much the impact of the changes I have already made offers to my sanity.
milk in a cute pyrex vessel rather than the ugly plastic thing it comes in
Nespresso capsules in a tranquil piece of pottery made by my friend

toys stored in a large copper bin I didn't know what to use for, but loved

I have three of these and store berries in one, washi tape in another, bag clips in the last one  
a vintage train case (reminds me of my childhood) filled with cds and decorative banners

boring old diapers and wipes stored in one of my favorite old wooden boxes
What are you using to store every day items in? I would love to have some new ideas.

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