Wednesday, May 21, 2014


During the hotter months (yes we are finally getting them) I find myself constantly on the lookout for ways to stay cool. Skirts are a must, light tops are great and shoes that let my feet breath help. My hair loves the heat and humidity. Curls, fuzz, and frizz abound in this weather...which to be honest does not really bother me. I like the "grunge" look as I call it, nothing too polished or styled for me. This view might have emerged due to years of fighting against my hair texture to have that polished look, though I don't remember consciously making the switch. Anyway, a great way to keep this wild nest of hair cool is whipping it up into a bun. A bun, nothing new or fun or exciting about a bun. But...if you add a scarf to it the world of possibilities is open wide. Every single resale shop I go into is brimming full of scarves so the choices are endless. Today I wrapped one around this mane a few times and called it a day. I hate when the silk of the scarf makes it slip out rather than keeping tight to my head-something I will have to work out. are you staying cool these days? Especially if you are pregnant.

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