Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Our week in pictures...

lots of outdoors=lots of baths

Vera loves to do my "makeup" while we watch youtube videos

coloring and drawing...this makes me happy every time
lil miss sunshine

these two never cease to make me smile with their antics

catching snuggles between these two

angry about something and pouting

how I found the runaway sleeper one night...in with her brother

the best grocery helper that ever was

how they decided to line up as we walked over to church
laughed at how they both had fallen asleep

milk in special glasses always tastes better

my precious little dreamer

these sisters are so sweet
roly polly whisperer

watermelon by the slice please

off to the track to burn some energy-Judah brought the gun to let us know when the race officially started:)

enjoying our dear friends' newest member Petey
making cookies with this handsome one

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