Tuesday, April 9, 2013

my daily list I won't do

today I would like to

1. draw funny little pictures with my pens
2. spend an hour on pinterest
3. write a few letters by hand to people I love
4. buy flowers for someone I know that could really use them
5. make a few necklaces and brainstorm how to start selling them online
6. sew a doll for someone's baby that I already love even though he/she is not born yet
7. sit in the garage and watch the thunderstorm that is predicted to happen in a few hours
8. read a few more pages in the book on roasting that I checked out of the library
9. have a lunch date at Honey with my hubby
10. look through magazines I have been neglecting and pull recipes/pictures/pages that inspire me

The reality is that today I probably will not even get to one of the things on this list. But sometimes just making a list like this helps because at some point in life you just might get to them. I would love to hear a few of your list items if you are willing to share!

1 comment:

katie said...

it is nice to think that maybe someday I'd get to do those kinds of things! my list would definitely include drawing, going to the library all by myself, and Sushi Mono for dinner.