Thursday, April 11, 2013

Art Fest Workshop

Every year I have the privilege to help plan our youth group's Art Fest Workshop. Basically we have an assortment of talented artists come in and offer a hands-on experience for the students. This year we had sketching, calligraphy, photography, graphic design and mixed media. I decided to bring my oldest babe to the workshop because I knew she would enjoy it so much. She was precious to watch as she poured over the many supplies offered to her. I noticed how she was so at home and without intimidation as she approached her work. Her spirit made me wish we all had that childlike approach to creating art. She was complimentary of others' work and had no jealousy or insecurity about her own when watching in awe others go at it. What a great lesson I thought for any artist, to celebrate and encourage without feeling small in your own creativity. Isabelle made four pieces of work that afternoon and each of them was a masterpiece to me (and her)! She spent the rest of her time taking pictures, so some of the photos below are mine and some are hers. ( And not just the two obvious photos either:))  Enjoy!


My dream is to have this workshop for grownups...boy oh boy would I sign up!!

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