Tuesday, April 2, 2013


We did two Easter egg hunts this year. The first one included mass chaos, hoards of children and an Easter bonnet contest. During the hunt Judah got nailed going for his first egg and decided to sit the rest of the hunt out. Next year we will be wearing full football pads and showing the world that we mean business. Later that day Grampy Clark and my hubby set up a hunt in our backyard. The little ones went at it with great gusto while the adults watched with equal delight. Someday I might tell you about the Easter egg hunts my parents set up for us children all the way up into college. It involved cash and competitive running. I love them for keeping that thrill of Easter egg hunting alive for us as long as they could.
 Now...for live shots from the hunts.


I love this one!

And this one too...how often do you get a shot this great with little ones?!
Are you the type that enjoys the hiding of the eggs or the finding of the eggs better? Not sure where I land on that question....hmmm.

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barefoot girl said...

You put me in your love to read?! I feel so honored! Thanks friend! Love the Easter pics! Can't wait to get the kids together!