Thursday, January 13, 2011

so far today....

so far today i
1. made breakfast for two kids (who barely ate any of it)
2. washed my face and did a funny  side pony tail
3. got kids dressed-changed judah's diaper
4. read a pile of books
5. did the laundry
6. went shopping at gymboree and bath and body works-with both kids alone:) brave-YES
7. had lunch with nate in the car with the kids (subway sandwiches)
8. made lunch for kiddos
9. put judah down for nap
10. folded clothing and put it away
11. removed tags and put away new clothing
12. made tea-and sat and drank it while blogging:)
outfit number two of the day-she told me she was going to dance class in her room-which she did do

a few of Judah's favorite books (lions and bears are his favorites...and dogs!!)

outfit #3....she is busy playing shop here

thought you might want to see what I wore shopping (clearly I was not planning on shopping today-but it was too much work to look normal...what can you do?) **note also the crazy side pony tail (told you) 


Catie said...

Sounds similar to most of my days (outfit included). So thankful for Blogs and Facebook to keep us connected. Love you, friend

Blomgrens said...

My favorite photo is the one of you because it's SO YOU and I LOVE YOU! Umm, I assume your "pile of books" you read was children's? Either way, it's intimidating!