Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dance Class

Isabelle attended her first dance class today-she was shy and quiet....that is till they busted out the butterfly wings and she then became the dancing queen!! (no joke) Later I asked Isabelle if we could take a picture to document her first time going to dance below.
this would be the pose of choice...seeing that she did it twice when I asked her to smile-identically twice yes (and yes that is the cupcake from Clancy's house...she still is carrying it everywhere)

she had cute black pants on earlier-but man is she rocking those nude ones.....look at that dancer arm!     

The first time I went to ballet class-I peed my pants (no it was not a common practice for me-if you want the real long story ask me sometime in person) and never went back to it or my tap class. Too bad...I know I would have been the next shirley temple!!

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Blomgrens said...

I will so have to remember to ask you about that story. You would be an amazing Shirley Temple, oh how I love her!!