Friday, January 7, 2011

Playdate Success

Isabelle setting up her cupcake and special card we had just made...princess with her name on it...typical
Isabelle went to her first playdate that I did not stay at today. Now, she goes to church nursery and hangs out with other kiddos quite often....but this was her first big girl, invited by phone to another girl's house. So cute! She did great and shockingly enough "did not talk the whole time" as the mother said. Hilarious. If you know Isabelle in the comfort of her home the girl is constantly talking (yes even now in the background shouting something about birthday cake). I love that she gets all quite...what a goof. Anyhow-when she left they let her bring home a fun little cupcake toy (she promised she would return it later) and a box of little conversation hearts! Such fun. Pictures below documenting my big girls day out-had I thought of it (and not been embarrassed at being "that mom" I would have snapped a few of her and her friend Clancy (adorable name...yes!) )
My little Belle with her beloved cupcake from Clancy

just so you can clearly see that she has a great deal of her mommy in her-already making faces for the camera...this is what she did when I said to smile:)

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Blomgrens said...

I love the pics of you two together. So much.