Sunday, August 8, 2010

Saturday Night

So when asked what I did on my Saturday night I thought it would be better to show you the actual proof. Some of you may not have believed me....but trust me this happened!!

We started out wanting to play a card game of some sort-when my dad started showing Isabelle how to make something out of cards. (It always ended with her crashing down the building) So, once Isabelle was asleep my dad felt the need to build something without someone knocking it down-and that, my friends, is all it took. Suddenly everyone was on the ground building. Yes, my mother, my father, my hubby....I was not. (Someone had to document it!)

 Now try to tell me your Saturday night was wilder than mine!

1 comment:

KarenLee said...

you sewards never cease to amaze me.