Friday, August 6, 2010


I got my haircut at this place called Amber Waves. The hairstylist was Brit...and she was the kindest hairstylist in the world. Why do most hairstylists think it is their job to insult you about your hair?? Just a question? Anyway-Britt didn't-she was wonderful. Here is the hair...keep in mind I had just fallen asleep on the couch before the shot and the top is a little fuzzy because of it:)


Melissa said...

You look so stunning Abby! I love the new haircut--it really suits you!!
<3 MB

Catie said...

Super cute!! And it's a style I've never seen on you which is fun!

Blomgren2 said...

You are so beautiful!!! And... they haircut is very complimentary, love it!