Thursday, August 5, 2010

Dinner...on a whim

We didn't know what we should do for dinner...nothing fast sounded good (hot dogs-no, fast food-no, tacos-no) but I wanted something fast AND delicious. After a quick visit to Trader Joe's all our problems were solved with just a touch of creativity.

Ciabatta Bread
Fresh Mozzerella
Fresh Basil
Chunky Tomato Vodka Sauce

Heat in the oven and serve!! SOOOO GOOD!!

Plus some green beans that Isabelle and I devoured (butter and salt is all it takes for perfection on that veggie)
Then I found the best cookies in the world! I tried the ginger ones and thought I was gonna die. Spicy delight. Then I had the chocolate-I turned to Nate and told him...."We are in trouble" And we are....wonderful, yummy, crunchy trouble!!!

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