Tuesday, October 13, 2009

talk about cute kiddo clothing!!

I love looking at little kid clothes-especially because I have a boy and a girl so there is always something I can find that is adorable for one of them. Now keep in mind I rarely buy clothes for them because I have a sister who gives amazing hand me downs and I have hit up some unbelievable garage sales that could clothe my kids forever.....and of course there are occasional weak moments at baby gap and gymboree which we do not need to dwell on-BUT I have finally found a dream store for clothes-good thing it is a bit of a drive away.

Can we just all say how cute these little girl clothes are!!?? I love to imagine just how stinkin cute Isabelle would be in all of the below items. I stumbled across this store Jack and Jane at Woodfield mall-and it was love at first look. It is officially the Anthro of little kids.:) Be still my heart-and wait till I show you the boys clothes (and yes, I have been discovering that indeed the clothing world does make cute boy things too-you just have to search a little harder)

And for the boy section....oh if my Judah wore this stuff he would be the cutest little lumberjack that ever was!

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