Wednesday, October 28, 2009

oh fall I love you!

Fall is easy to love.......let me show you why.

little boys with white pumpkins
(I have a strange obsession with white pumpkins this year-what an amazingly bizarre and beautiful thing God made huh?)
little girls with orange pumpkins who cannot get enough of the bustling around them

my beautiful fingerless gloves and a shiny red apple (that my daughter really wanted-but refused to eat....guess she knew it was pretty to look at as well:))

our trunk holding precious cargo we would soon transform into "jack"and "bean" romantic, I am telling you!

i love fall....favorite season-no contest!
1. orange is my favorite color and the world seems splashed with it in the fall
2. the smell in the air is crisp and romantic
3. everything is starting-the holidays, the bundling up, the football games
4. apple cider, hot chocolate, specialty lattes (pumpkin spice and gingerbread to be specific) are flowing
5. fires in the fireplace are normal now
6. activities with little kids are in abundance-like carving pumpkins
7. the world is amazing....i love fall
Why do you love fall??

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