Saturday, October 17, 2009

Small Addiction

I have a confession to make. I am addicted to nail polishes! Now before you freak out as you picture me sniffing it up in the back room of my house-hear me out. I am addicted to painting my nails-and the insane amount of fun nail polishes out there. For me, painting my nails is therapeutic and relaxing. I usually do it when the kids are down (if I do not then you can guarantee that one of them will be crying and need to be held and there goes my wet nails into gooey nast) and I select from my small collection (that is constantly growing:)) of colors and get going.

My hubby is not so crazy about all the weirdo colors I have been into lately (my last purchase is a dark, dark, dark forest/emerald green that looks black from a distance) but is always such a good sport about it. I have today painted my nails in what is called "Bubble Bath" by OPI. A very soft and sheer pinky white nail polish-these are the colors that my love likes the best-and upon painting my nails this color I showed him-to which he smiled warmly and said he liked!

Anyway-all that being said....if you ever need insight into the best colors to get-let me know because I probably could tell you. Also, if you have colors that you just think you cannot live without (alright we all know we could live without any of these silly triffles....but it is fun and girly) then please comment and let me know. Or even better, take a picture of your nails and show me.

If you want to feed your addiction to nail polishes then let me give you the most wonderful website that will cut the cost of OPI polishes almost in half!!
I have been drooling over it for the past few minutes and thought I should share the love. Hope your nights are going well.....better than mine.....I am currently sick as a dog-bluh. And my sweet little Isabelle turns 2 tomorrow and she too is sick. Oh well-I know we will come up with something fun and special to do for her big 2 year old day.
Loves to you all and thanks for humoring me by letting me know you read what I write-it is far more motivating believe me!!

I have included my favorites (at this moment) of polishes below, enjoy the eye candy. Sometimes the BEST shopping is just window shopping!!(in order or appearance the names of these polishes:tickle my france-y, parlez-vous OPI, you don't know jacques, bubble bath, suzi says da)


Ellie said...

So fun! I used to paint my nails all the time in high school - pretty much to match each outfit...but I hardly do it anymore. I like the dark colors too (and Jeremy is not a big fan either - I can tell he makes an extra effort to tell me how much he likes my nails when I pain them pink as opposed to black...or blue or green). Thanks for the link - I'll check it out!

Princess Caitlin said...

I love doing my toes, but I always get frustrated at my fingernails because they chip so easily! So, I never do them. :P

My favorite for my toes is just all-out red. :D So fantastic!!

Rachel said...

thanks for the color suggestions! I have parlez-vous too and I also really like most honorable red (orangey red) and flashbulb fucshia :)

emily said...

I am actually planning to pick up some dark dark purple almost black and maybe some gold, midnight blue and/or jade polish today. Although... not so sure about jade on me. It might be one for the black and blonde haired. I'm just starting to experiment with polish - never used to like it.