Thursday, May 1, 2008

What a find!

So today started off with my mom and I walking to the Egg Harbor in Downtown Wheaton and enjoying a lovely breakfast. I discovered just how much Isabelle loves pancakes on that trip too....the girl almost bit our fingers off. Then my sweet Nate picked us up, because in all honesty I did not want to hike all the way back with a stomach full of coffee and food! (what a man!)

Then after enjoying Nate's lunch break with him, my mom, Isabelle and I jotted off to West Chicago's antique shop. The prices there compared to Downtown Wheaton Antiques are amazing! The only purchase I made was a small bird statue thing. (visit my new house if you want to see it) But the real jackpot was on the drive home. We went to this pathetic looking garage sale....only to discover the most beautiful Lenox China for sale. 12 Places Settings, Veggie Bowls, Serving Platters, all for $200!!!! To put this into perspective for can buy one serving bowl for around $359 online:) Yes it was an amazing purchase!!! The set is called Snow Lily. Check it out.
High Point: finding China
Low Point: my knee popping whenever I go up or down any set of stairs...I'm only 25 for crying out loud

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