Thursday, May 22, 2008

normal again

We have now been living in our new house for almost three weeks and it could not feel more perfect of a home for us. Everyday I feel like I discover something new I love about it. Since we live on the corner and it is the only side with a sidewalk I love to just sit with little Belle and watch the people walking by. I am so interested in people watching....who would have thought that my main living room window would be the ideal peeping tom location.

So much has happened since we have lived here-the biggest highlight being Carrie Barnes (my college roommate) got married. I loved being a bridesmaid and had such a blast. The only downside being the way I looked after leaving the reception....I had completely sweat through my dress, not just the back, but the front too. How I miss my girls from Taylor. It was so wonderful to hang out with them (and by the way...Rachel Cuthbert is even more attractive than she was in college...if you can imagine that) I was inspired by her the other night and dyed my hair a shade darker. I am thinking about cutting it too...but only one impulsive thing at a time.

Bear was a beautiful bride...truly beautiful and I cried my way through the whole ceremony. I hate that at weddings you get the littlest time with bride-there should be a honeymoon with the friends before the wedding and then one with the hubby after it. I love her and want to have her and Rachel move in on my new street. Life would be too sweet having them drop by for coffee at anytime. I might even be tempted to make ramen noodles just for the sentiment of it. I miss them...I miss a lot of people from Taylor-third west ladies! If any of you are reading this, please come and visit us.

Today I went to my mom's house (she called me with the tempting offer of hot coffee and blueberry scones....she is watching all of my sister emily's children and needed some extra hands...believe me I do not usually need any temptation to visit her) So Isabelle and I came right over and indulged in the previously listed:) After that we went to Adam's Park for a stroll. I was grossly disappointed with a farmer's market that boasted of being great and ended up being four stands of stuff I did not want....bummer. No need to worry about me though-I found my way to Carlson's Art Store and spent just under $100 dollars:) No fear-this is not a common practice. I had to of course come home and create some art-which I did with Isabelle in the Snugli-I love what I made. But since I am not super talented just yet....the loving will be limited to Nate, my and Isabelle's eyes. Nate should be home soon and I cannot wait...I miss him so much when he is at work and last weekend was wonderful but I did not get near enough time with him so this week has been a tease to me. At least tomorrow is Friday.
High Point: Painting in the basement and falling in love with hot pink!
Low Point: Who can think of a low point....Nate just surprised me and came home early!! Goodnight!

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