Monday, April 28, 2008

soccer in a skirt

Well, yesterday after an early (and very fun) morning with Nate and Isabelle we all jetted off to church. Good sermon by Dr. Moo...even if Isabelle was her sweet little distracting self. Nate has told me that we must try the nursery again next Sunday (yikes...hopefully no more getting called out of the service) Then we went to our (traditional) Einsteins for a yummy set of bagels. I had a delicious coffee date with Bean (Colleen Powell) and then Nate and I went back to one of my favorite things in the whole world.

Glen Ellyn has this day where everything and anything they want they can place at their curb and it will be taken away by the trash people on Monday. Well, after going not once, not twice but three times I was so happy with our many finds! Some of my favorites are
-a beautiful wood highchair (old fashion/fully functioning)
-a cute little red wood chair for me to sit on while I paint
-a gorgeous modern styled wood chair
Again that is not all we got, but those would be my top picks. Anyhow...we wanted to borrow James and Karen's van so we could pack much more in with us as we saw it so we met them at this park to exchange cars. They were playing soccer at the park...I had to play. Where soccer is concerned there is no choice. Yes, I was in heels, a skirt, and pearls. I played anyway. Nate and I played an hour and a half with them-it was wonderful! I loved this weekend! Below are listed the high points and low points of both Saturday and Sunday.
High Point(Saturday): Going downtown to the Artropolis and seeing Jess's work and many other amazing artists!
Low Point(Saturday):City driving....I HATE driving in the city...always have always will.
High Point(Sunday):Playing soccer and having the time of my life with Nate playing as well and Isabelle being watched by her Aunt Karen on the sidelines.
Low Point(Sunday):Realizing I should have stretched either before or after the soccer playing and doing neither and feeling it like OH MY!

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Blomgren2 said...

I love reading your blog. It reminds me of how you talk and I love the way you express yourself! It seems like your life is just a blast and I'm so thankful you love it:-) I wish I was going to be with you this weekend.