Friday, April 25, 2008


I remembered today one of the reasons I am not the HUGEST fan of summer/spring. I love the warmth and the ability to do so much outside....but it hit me with a ton of bricks today the reason I cringe at the thought of it sometimes. Humidity! If you have ever experienced having curly hair (that you have straightened) then you know precisely what I mean. Nate and I made a little walk to Suzette's Crepes (a story in itself) but along the way I realized just how sick my hair looked. Now I must confess, it was not just the humidity....I had not showered nor placed a bit of makeup on my face. Wise choice....after a quick glance in a mirror I knew NOPE. So yes-I hate humidity...unless naked and in a steam room. But besides that...not really a fan at all.

High Point: Nate going in late to work today...therefore we had a fun "English style" breakfast of coffee and croissants. Nate had blueberry and I had (but of course darling) chocolate:)I do recommend the chocolate one, it was amazing! (cost:$3.50) Isabelle had breast milk.
Low Point: As earlier mentioned the humidity...but also going to a garage sale that advertised having "amazing baby clothes" only to discover it was far from amazing and rather ugly!

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Melissa said...

I better get used to those "English style" breakfasts too ;) Im going to be in chicago from June 24-july 29 this summer.. I REALLY hope I can see you! Its so fun to read a little about your life and precious family!
Bless you!! xoxox