Saturday, January 24, 2015

Milani Lipsticks

The cost: $5.49
The Milani lipstick line offers a wide color selection, unless of course they are sold out of most of them and have not yet restocked. You can find all the color choices here. The price point is ideal for testing the waters of a new color without wanting to blow a load on something that may not work. I liked how they wore throughout the day and laughed when I realized they familiar smell of them was that of jolly ranchers, be it a perk or a deterrent I am not sure yet.
I purchased four lipsticks on my first go round since CVS was having a buy one get one 50% off sale. The colors are beautiful and wear just as nicely as my higher end lipsticks. I'm happy with all of the colors I selected and have been wearing Dulce Caramelo the last two days and enjoying it very much. I do wonder if and when I will have guts enough to wear the first one (uptown mauve) out in public, but hey it is a new year and a new year call for gutsy acts right? (reader shakes her head no)
Let me know if you pick any up and if there are colors I should be grabbing.

 (left to right: uptown mauve, pretty natural, cabaret blend, dulce caramelo)

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