Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The perfect red lip

    Christmas is almost here. I adore Christmastime and will continue to fully immerse myself in the season over these next few days. However, I did want to touch base with all of you on one particular subject.
Red lips.
   Do you wear red lips this time of year? Do you ever wear red lips? I always, always, always admire the women rocking the red but have tried and tried to no avail to wear it myself. Whenever I look at myself in the mirror after application I seemed to fall into one of two categories.  One, a small child playing with her mother's lipstick or two, a clown that has escaped the circus. It doesn't help matters that my husband (who usually admires what I wear) shakes his head and smiles that "I wish you weren't wearing THAT color" smile.
    Below are the three red colors I own, all of which I admired so much on strangers that I asked them what they had on and then hunted it down and purchased it. Now that is true admiration. Have no fear, at some point I will be wearing red lips...maybe tomorrow is my day since it is CHRISTMAS EVE!!! Until I get up the guts to take the red lips out of my bathroom here are a few colors for you brave ones to test out. 

Rimmel 850 Rouge (worn by a stunning worker at Anthropolgie)
MAC Ruby Woo (worn by one of my favorite bloggers, this one looks marvelous in photographs)
Shiseido RD 607 (worn by one of the mothers in my son's kindergarten class)

Pale skin has its perks, look how true to color those swatches are!
Left to right: Shiseido, MAC, Rimmel

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