Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Kid Craft: Watercolor Gift Tags

Especially during this time of year it is fun to involve your little ones in creating special touches on anything and everything. The other day, while painting, I was joined by my 5 year old and 2 year old, which is a very normal occurrence around here.  I try to let them join in on the activities I am able so I watched with self restraint as my two year old slopped my beautiful watercolor paints all over my pricey watercolor paper. "Kids should be allowed to use nice things", I kept repeating in my head as I watched her chat away while filling the blank white with color here and there. No perceived order to her painting or obvious color choices...nothing I was excited to hang on my refrigerator, but would because I love her. Then I had an idea.
About two weeks ago I purchased this wonderful tag punch. I have used it so many times I already got my 50% off total purchase price out of it. If you enjoy gift wrapping or embellishing then this item was made with you in mind. Vera's sweet little painting was cut-up and punched out and low and behold these stunning gift tags were created.
I love them. You don't have to because I do. I love the colors she chose, I love the freedom of stroke, but most of all I love that she had the biggest hand in creating them. She was rather proud of her ability when I showed her the finished product. I cannot wait to top presents with her creation. And truth be told, I tried to recreate them for my sale and found myself marveling at her superiority at choosing color pairings and effortless beauty. It is always special when you stumble across your child's ability in unknown areas.
So, if you are looking for a fun craft to do with your little ones then you have an option.

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