Tuesday, January 28, 2014

To Do #5

A snapshot into the lives of others.

Catie Loveless (#1)

Catie Loveless (#2)


Kate Schlickman

Carrie Potts
Kate Miley (#1)

Kate Miley (#2)
Nancy Taylor
Karen Seward

Annie Wilson

Kristen Conley
Conley Kiddos

Ruth Seward
Joanna Panner (#1)
Joanna Panner (#2)

Julie Westberg
If you would be willing to be a part of this please send me an photo of how you document your days at abbyseward@gmail.com


Blomgrens said...

I really like the print out that Nancy Taylor's picture showed with the workout and the meal planning section. I'll email you pics of mine too as I'm trying to figure out what works for our family!

Geninne said...

SO interesting to see all the different lists and handwriting! :)