Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Current Favorite: Nail Polish

"An item currently being used and enjoying."
Product: Nail Polish
Name: Zoya-Chantal
Cost: $9
Find it here.
During the winter months I find myself drawn to whites and nudes for my nails. A good nude nail always looks classy and clean. I have a number of nudes in my nail polish arsenal (not even kidding) but the one I have been reaching for lately is this lovely little number by Zoya.
The color will certainly will not turn heads but offers enough of a contrast to my skin color that you can tell I have polish on. I had added a little glitter to the tips but preferred the clean surface of the creamy color more. (I must be in my thirties eh ;) )

What nail polish colors do you enjoy during the colder months?

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Andrea said...

I bought six Zoya colors when you posted the deal. (thanks for posting btw!) I love this polish, it stays put much longer than any other brand I have tried. I am currently wearing "Rose" which is very similar to the color you posted but with an iridescent/pearly effect. I also love "Natty" which is somewhere between a navy and steel blue. I seem to like the extremes... give me sheer or give me bold, no in between :)