Monday, November 25, 2013

It doesn't flow but it is my thoughts right now......

I enjoy reading blogs. Let me try that again, I enjoy looking at blogs. The blogs that tend to contain lots of little black and white words bundled so predictably together into their perfect paragraphs only hold my attention if they are completely captivating. This one was. It was written by my friend Colleen who tragically lost her father two weeks ago.  She wrote with guts, guts enough to share the realness of death's first days. I read every single word she wrote as I pictured in my mind the images she created and felt my sheltered tears fall down my face imagining her loss.

I enjoy reading blogs about the life of beautiful people. My concept of beauty I would guess is not the standard going definition these days.  I find beauty in people who are truly themselves. It sounds simple enough but I find it a daunting task in life to discover people who are truly themselves, not a less vibrant version of another man's brightness. Who of us hasn't stumble across someone that has so many inspirational aspect to their person that we leave somehow wanting to adopt something of their essence. But don't forfeit your natural state of person simply to satisfy your admiration of another. Celebrate their beauty and push harder to land and proclaim your own.

You might get the feeling that I only find those who are wildly on display as my muses of beauty in life.....but that would be incorrect. I can at this very moment picture in my head a stunningly beautiful woman. Not because of her appearance per say, though the beauty of a person always bleeds out from the inside so I do think she is radiant.  She wears herself well. She bows to no other king of rule other than who her Creator crafted her to be. She is silent often. She has a pioneer woman strength to her as she quietly holds her children's hands and guides them where they should go. I think she is beautiful because she is herself. I like reading blogs of people who are being themselves well.

I have not been sharing much on here simply because I wasn't. However, I rarely go a day without my mind being held captive to ideas I would love to share on here. But oh time. Time is not in abundance for such things right now. But perhaps someday soon it will be.

I know this post did not flow as I first intended when I sat down to type. But time has passed quickly and I do not feel like making it all fit. So there you have it. I hope the snow is as beautiful out your window as mine, that your home smells as lovely as mine because of this candle and your sweet loved ones are touching (climbing:)) on you right now just as mine are...goodbye.


Kacia said...

i loved everything about this post -- I don't care if it flows or not -- it was heartfelt. xoxo

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