Thursday, October 3, 2013

my first taste of transformation

     Last weekend I stumbled upon a lovely little garage sale that had me driving home with three new pieces of furniture. I got this lovely gem for $12 and instantly had a vision for how I wanted her to look. Since I have not really done anything like this before I knew it was a risk but for $12 I figured at least it would be a delightful experience of working with my hands regardless of the outcome. I scraped her down and painted her up and enjoyed every aspect of it.  I am sure if anyone with real experience in redoing furniture looked at my job they would throw their head back and laugh a cool "you have no idea what you are doing little child" laugh, but hey-one has to start somewhere right?!


Any lovely items you have been transforming lately?


Rachel Jones said...

ahhh, i love it! A great find and a great refinish in my book!

Mandy said...

Did you sand it before you painted it?

abby said...

yes I did sand it...with sandpaper, not a sander:)