Monday, September 9, 2013

Our new house.

If you were wondering where I have been these last few weeks you now know. We moved. I love our new house and find that it feels more like home than any other house I have lived in my whole life. I feels as though this home was made just for me and my likings. Every aspect of it connects with some part of me and each day I marvel at that reality. Now the only problem is that my blog is called "Little House on Prairie" and since we no longer live on Prairie the name kinda needs to go. Any thoughts for  a new blog name? The street we live on now is called Union. I thought about "To form a more perfect Union"....but that might come across I am soliciting YOU to give me some ideas!
Ready, GO!




Rebekah Wallace said...

something having to do with things you love about the house, like "tea on the porch" or "at the corner of union and home"...

Trisha said...

Abby though it still has political connotations-- you could borrow from the president's yearly address, and call it "State of Union," or borrowing from another book title--"The Union of their Dream." Or if you are feeling particularly revolutionary "The Renegade on Union." or "Union station." That's all I have. Your last blog title is going to be hard to beat. :)

Catie said...

So, here's the deal...I need help with a new tag line. Joe 's been redoing my blogpage but i am at a loss for a tagline. New site is but havent finished switching everything over/tweaking etc. So, my creative friend, can we tradesies ideas to get the creative juices a flowing? As you know, my blog is called AuthentiCATE . Anything would be helpful!

Alright onward with ideas for your new blog name:
A Lasting Union
The Happy Union
Coffee on Union

That's all I got so far! Love you abs & love reading!

barefoot girl said...

I have no good ideas but I LOVE your sweet house and I want to come over to see it in person soon!