Thursday, June 20, 2013

on being pulled

I am currently smiling because just as I sat down to write this post my girl shouted out that I needed to come kill a bug IMMEDIATELY since she was sure it would bite her.

No, the reason I am smiling is not because I get a thrill from killing bugs. I am smiling at the irony of the moment. It was not a rare moment, it was very common. I often sit down to do something and am quickly called upon to do something else. The way I see it is this, I am a stay at home mom so taking care of my kiddos should fall first in line but that does not mean I do not feel pulled.

Right now I am itching to sit and devour blog after blog on creative journaling. I want to capture the mundane of my day on a little notecard. I want to write down quotes that make me happy or make me reflect on gratitude before complaining. Right now I want to start designing the dress I someday might make for my littlest girl...thank you Misha Lulu for inspiring me. Right now I want to pour over my cookbooks and pick up the ingredients for the one I just cannot stop thinking about (probably this one). Right now I want to go to Salvation Army and search for some summer dresses because I desire to live only in them when it is hot out. (anyone really love shorts out there?) Right now I want to go over to my friend Leah's house and talk about what God is teaching us and how we can spur one another on in our faith. Right now I want to write a children's book with illustrations and maybe even try to get it published. Right now I want to find a bathing suit that is not sold out (rey swimwear I am talking to you) that I can purchase for vacation next week. Right now I want to go to the library and grab every single book that capture my attention.

What I probably will do is care for my little beans, draw something exciting with them, go to Leah's house (fingers crossed she calls to invite me over:)) finish washing towels, pray, have lunch with my favorite (Nate) and lay outside in the sun while the kiddos dash about.

I think it is good to feel pulled. It reminds me that I am a complex woman (all women/men are) with many different areas of life I enjoy. I don't want the pulling to make me dissatisfied with a life that is so full and beautiful and enjoyable. I do want the pulling to make me savor seasons of life and the vast array of things I take delight in.

What things are pulling you right now?


emily said...

that is exactly how I've been feeling lately, but you are a lot healthier than I am in how you view it! I'll be working on that...

Catie said...

yep. feel you, girl.