Thursday, March 7, 2013

the snowman

When the snow started falling the snowman started calling. We just HAD to make one. Let me just encourage you-whether you are single, married, married with children...whatever...get outside and make a snowman if you have snow. I am so serious right now. There is truly something liberating and invigorating about building a snowman. I can almost bet that you will come into your house happier than you left it. You let me know.
I also had a personal epiphany as I was building this snowman. I do not build them like the average person. I make them kinda weird. Or maybe the world does? My approach to snowman building is to smush and gather the snow into a pile. I carve it out of the snow pile rather than making a ball and rolling it all over. It seems more effective and stable doing it my chosen way, but every child's story book takes the rolling approach so that says something I suppose. Am I a weirdo or are some of you similar in this smushing snowman thing?
And in case you are curious what we used for the face (and glad you noticed;) ) it is two found rocks for the eyeballs, a baby carrot for the nose, a green bean for the mouth and cherry tomato juice for the blush....oh green bean buttons too. It was such a delight making this guy and let me tell you I have not laughed that hard for a while, the laughter did have to do with the snowball fight that came after the snowman...but you get the idea.

Love you guys and hope you are doing something that makes you come ALIVE today!

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KarenLee said...

Love seeing all your snow! It's 80 degrees here today :)