Wednesday, March 6, 2013



   Lately my little beans have been obsessing over bathrobes. Why, you may ask? Why bathrobes? Well, I was reading them the story One Morning in Maine and in that story the girl is wearing a bathrobe for all of two pages. Two pages was all it took for my household's obsession to begin.

  I like to help a brother or sister out so let me just save you the time and let you know that TJ Maxx, Gymboree, Lombard's Salvation Army and Old Navy do NOT have bathrobes for children. GapKids however does carry them. You are welcome for that little tip. Bathrobes are all the rage so you just might want to go get one (or three).

  I keep trying to get on the bandwagon with the trend but the fact that I look like a short rectangle when I wear one tempers the desire just a touch.

(Judah did have a black eye in these case you were trying to decide how to breach the subject of me putting makeup on my son, you don't have to)

I had to add this one because Judah's face made me laugh so hard.

Any trends in your world that I should know about?


Julie (Scrappie) said...

Rachel and Naomi-Ruth both have robes, they love them. Nate ( almost 14) has one too from when he was like 9, which he still wears lol

I also love looking back and old Christmas morning photos of my parents when I was kid...they both are in robes. It all comes back again :-)

Vanessa Jergensen said...

You're kids are SO cute....and getting so big! Adorable.

emily said...

i love One Morning in Maine. Such a good book.

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