Wednesday, October 5, 2011

a spot of tea

I am finally sitting. I have been running around all over the place since 6:25 this morning. Running around and doing things I love-but even when you love something....when you are 6 months pregnant you are ready to sit down when the time comes. I am enjoying a little cup of tea. Yesterday Nate and I bought a new contraption that steeps loose tea in the perfect way. I love this thing already and suggest it to any tea drinker out there. The cool part is that the tea dispenses from the bottom of the pot when you press it on the huh? It is perfect outside and I am sipping my pot of tea. (with children playing wildly behind guessed it DOGS...but I am still happy cause I am sitting and relaxing) Hope you find a moment in your day to have a "spot of tea" time...and just thank God for it helps, I promise.

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